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A quick housekeeping note: To catch spam, I’ve set comments such that the first comment somebody makes has to be moderated. Any subsequent comments go through unmoderated. So if you leave a comment but don’t see it appear within a reasonable amount of time (maybe even a day or two, out on the trail), feel free to email me. You’re probably stuck in the spam filter. I’ve only had one issue with that so far, though, so we’re probably safe.

By the way—Akismet? Best add-on ever. It’s caught an enormous amount of spam. More spam than they eat in Hawaii in a year, is what I’m saying. A lot.

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Ticking down

Heading out a week from tomorrow. Yikes!

It’s warm in the Smokies and cold on Springer. I’m sure that’ll change a bunch of times in the next week and a half.

Rumor has it that yesterday fifteen hikers started at Springer, and the day before that, fifteen more. I guess that’ll creep up to twenty or twenty-five per day by the end of next week.

Did I just say that? ‘The end of next week’? Yikes!

Looking forward to the starting bell!

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