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Day 22: Frozen shoes and Jacob’s ladder

Tenting at Cody’s Gap [mile 156]

When I woke up, my shoes were frozen! Also my water.

Just a brief update today, since I happen to have internet. My hands are currently freezing!

The day was cold and blustery—perfect for… you know. February .

The walking was your basic AT and down, except for one memorable climb—this peak called Jacob’s ladder just outside of Stecoah Gap. The mountain was nealy vertical, with short switchbacks that would look like a ladder if viewed from a plane. I cursed that mountain! In fact, the only way I got to the top was to promise it I was going to pee on it when I gpt to the top. Which, by the way, I totally forgot to do.

I was too whipped from the cold and the climb to get all the way to the next shelter, so I’m camping at one of the in-between places in the guidebook. A couple of other hikers are here. I call these ‘unofficial’ campsites refugee camps—little tent cities that spring up from nowhere.

Anyway, it’s freezing again, and windy. Tonight should be the last bitter one, I think. And tomorrow, 9 miles into Fontana. I’ll stay there Saturday, and head into the Smokies in Sunday!

Cotta get an early s



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